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We provide unified mobile app and business application development, customisation and consultancy. We help your business focus on the bigger picture!

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App Development

We develop apps for Android mobile devices and the web, focusing on usability and design.

We work with users and clients, focusing on the user experience, buidling mobile and web apps that are engaging, as well as useful.

We want to make your apps a success, and that means really understanding your target audience, and constantly testing and trying new ways of doing things on real users.

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Business Applications

We build, install, configure and customise applications to help you improve your business.

This includes tools to manage your relationship with customers (CRM), websites you can update by yourself (CMS) and tools to manage both paper and electronic documents (DMS), as well as other business software. We help you save money by using Open Source Software where possible.

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We provide consultancy on networking, servers, software and cloud services for small and medium enterprises.

We believe in communicating in plain English instead of jargon, and help you understand what you need, as well as what you don't.

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